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An evening with Sir Ranulph Fiennes: Living Dangerously tour Autumn/Winter 2018/19. Full details are here

Quick fire Q&A with Ranulph Fiennes (March 2019)

Every so often, Ranulph answers questions submitted to him via this website. This week, he is answering the following 7 questions. Should you have a burning question you would like to ask him, just get in touch!

•  Is it true you are an official patron of the UKIP political party? •  No, that is not true. I have never been an official patron of UKIP.

•  How would you describe your occupation? •  British Army Officer, explorer and travel writer

•  In the army, what units have you served in? •  The Royal Scots Greys, 22SAS, Sultan of Oman's Army (Territorial Army in 21SAS and “R Squadron”)

•  Would you class yourself as an adventurer? •  No, I am an expedition leader.

•  Do you believe you found the lost city Oman in 1992? •  Yes, I believe we did find the lost city of Irem (often misspelt) in Oman. This was also confirmed by the Omani Ministry of Heritage.

•  How many books have you written so far (as of February 2019)? •  25

•  In 2013, you were forced to pull out of The Coldest Journey, how hard is it for you to listen to the advice of Dr Mike Stroud? •  Dr Mike Stroud, my Expedition partner since 1985, and I advise each other constantly and often agree to disagree.  We have worked extremely well together for over 20 years. He was my skiing partner during The Coldest Journey.